Create dynamic link for related record from Dynamic CRM Global Email Template

Very interesting article from my colleague – Rajesh

Amiz crm

One of my Requirement is to create the link for Opportunity while qualifying Lead. But in CRM AS โ€“ IS functionality we canโ€™t give the ID value, it should give the Name value only. But when you create the link we need the Id of the record. So we need to do the following code.

So I open the Email Template and add the Qualifying Opportunity field in that template using Insert/Update button.

Template Link 1

Save the template and ran the template, It shows only name of the opportunity. In Default CRM will take {!lead:qualifyingopportunityid/@name;}, that so template will display name of the lookup values.

Template Link 2

But Creating link we need the opportunity id, So I did the following steps

Open the template and edit the following text Save the template.


Template Link 3

Now I ran the template, the Output was came with my exception.

Template Link 4

I hope this will helps U ๐Ÿ™‚

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