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{Dynamics CRM + Voice of Customer} How to insert dynamic data while distributing surveys using the ‘Voice of Customer’ in Dynamics CRM 2016

‘Voice of Customer’ has indeed been a great solution provided by Microsoft. And recently we showed a demo to one of our customers and they were just taken aback by this new feature. After all, they could launch the surveys and capture the responses just by few configurations and generate awesome surveys.

For people who are not aware of Voice of customer solution offering from Microsoft, please visit the following Microsoft link



So coming to the topic, the people who would take the survey are set up as contacts in Dynamics CRM. The person responsible for distributing the surveys would select the contacts from Dynamics CRM and use an on-demand workflow to distribute the surveys.

When the survey would launch it would show the name of the contact in the survey and few other dynamic values. For this demo, I will just show you how to show the contact name when the survey is launched.

The first step is to create a survey. I would not get into the details of how to create a survey here and how to configure the questions of the survey. It is explained in detail in the link I provided below. However once you publish this survey, you would see something in the Invitations section like in the below screenshot.


Check for the field ‘Email Snippet’ here. This is very important. Copy the snippet and keep it somewhere stored. We would use this very soon.

When the survey is launched, it should display the contact name who opens this. So for this, open the Welcome page and click on the Edit


Once the edit screen is launched, select where you want to insert the contact name and the click on Pipe to display the available values.


Select ‘Customer’ from the menu.

It should insert _CUSTOMER_PIPED_DATA_ in the content.


Save and close and then publish the survey.

Now I go ahead and create an on-demand workflow to send email to contacts. I create a send email workflow step and below is the description of the email.


As you can see, I have put the email snippet that I copied earlier and then a ‘|’ followed by setting the customer key to the fullname of the contact. This is the trick here. Whatever you set the parameter while designing the survey, you should remember to replace the key with the dynamic values. So for example if you would have select ‘Other 1’ from the Pipe list, you would need to supply a value for the parameter in the email like below

[Survey-Snippet-Start]65d6dd49-4410-e611-80d9-5065f38bc411|customer= {Full Name(Contact)} |other_1=1234[Survey-Snippet-End]

Now when the contact receives an email and launches the survey, it would display the fullname of the contact.