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View Personal Views created by other users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Frequently in our project, we receive issues from our users complaining that they have created a personal view for their chart. However the chart is not showing any data. The only option we have left then is a screen sharing session with the user to check the filters of his/ her personal views or to go into database and check the fetchxml of the personal view and identity the filters. This is because in MSCRM, even if you are an administrator, you cannot view other person’s personal views.

Off-course these are not great options and what if you are operating in an Office 365 environment. No option other than screen sharing right?

So ever wished if you could see other’s personal views in CRM? If so you now have a tool to do this. This tool will allow you to share other user’s personal views with yourself as well as with other users of CRM just the way you share your personal views in CRM with other users.

And as usual like my all other tools its free and deployed in codeplex.

For details regarding the security privileges to run the tool and how to use the tool, navigate to the codeplex link below.




Hope this helps!