{Dynamics CRM + Maintenance Page} How to pull down specific CRM Organization for maintenance in a multi-tenant CRM environment with IFD configured

I know the title of the blog is a bit confusing. So if you are reading this, I would suggest you continue reading this.

So first the requirement. Our client had two CRM Organizations in a single installation of CRM. And both the organizations are on IFD.

With time one organization because of it more transaction data and usage grew significantly bigger and business decided to move it on a separate server altogether and on a newer version of CRM. To illustrate this even more let us take names here.

Organization Name

Org1 is to be moved to a new server to a newer version of CRM. It was decided we would have 3 days of downtime for this. Users have been communicated accordingly that https://org1.contoso.com would be unavailable for 3 days. But during this time, users should be able to access https://org2.contoso.com

To bring a CRM website down, we can usually create a HTML with the appropriate markup and name it app_offline.htm and then place it in the root folder. Make sure you name it exactly like this, otherwise it would not work. However in our case this would not work since that would bring the whole website down and org2 won’t be accessible as well.

So we were left with no other choice but to configure rewrite rule.

Go to IIS –> Microsoft Dynamics Website –> URL Rewrite. If you do not see this icon, rewrite module is not installed. You need to install the rewrite module in that case.



Click on “Add Rule” and select “Blank Rule” from the menu.



You final rule would look like this.



And voila! You are done. Users would still be able to access org2.contoso.com but when they try to access org1.contoso.com, they would get the maintenance page.

I am redirecting here to a local page called maintenance.htm where the appropriate message is shown to the user with downtime notification.


Hope this helps!