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{Tool} – Configure field level security for security roles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Field level security introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is simply a WOW feature to me. I just implemented it in so many projects with success and finally one fine day i had one customer who wanted to implement this based on the security roles. Well that’s the beauty of consulting isn’t it. We come across real life business scenarios which we otherwise even could not conceive of.

I explained that it can be configured for teams and users and finally with some scratching of my head, i suggested an implementation of how to do it. Next I thought why not put that entire  in a tool for the benefit of the community. Well here it is and before i come across with the most obvious question, i state it out – It works for CRM 2013 as well 🙂

Some of you might have already used this tool since i released it long back, but this version contains lots of enhancements and bug fixes and support for CRM 2013.

The tool is available for download at codeplex at the following url: https://fieldlevelsecurityrole.codeplex.com/

Want to know how the tool works? Well i have tried to detail it out as much as possible in the Documentation tab of the tool. Still any confusions? No issues, I am there to help. Drop me an email at debajit.prod@gmail.com and I would mail you back.


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Last but not the least, nothing is perfect in this world and the same goes for my tool. For any bugs you find in the tool, report it at the codeplex site or drop me an email at debajit.prod@gmail.com


Hope this helps!