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Save your changes in CRM directly from excel online–Dynamics CRM 2015 online Update 1

Dynamics CRM 2015 Online update 1 brought many changes. And the most talked about changes I keep hearing about are the new SDK changes that came with it. I am from hard-core programming background and honestly nothing excites me than getting dirty with new stuffs hands-on.

However in my role as a consultant, I have to constantly thrive for a “wow” from my customer. And sometimes small small features unexpectedly brings that out from the customer.

So here was I demoing some CRM stuffs to the business. With online update 1, you can export your data to excel online, make some changes to the data and save the changes from the excel directly back to CRM.

Lets take the opportunity entity here for an example.

  • Go to My Opportunities view. The trick here is to put the most used columns in the view so that when the user exports this excel, he/ she can edit all the necessary fields.
  • From the ribbon, select Export –> Open in Excel Online.


  • The data will open in excel online. Make necessary changes to the data. Here for an example, I am updating the “rating” values for the opportunity.


  • after making all the changes, the interesting part is you can save the changes back in CRM. You have a button at the top ‘Save changes to CRM”


  • Once clicked, in the background CRM creates a data import job. It might take some time before the data is refreshed in CRM. So I come back in the CRM grid and find my data has been refreshed.


Internally CRM uses the same Data Import job to import the data. But for the end-user it’s so easy to just open in excel and import the data back in CRM virtually doing nothing with CRM doing all the trick in the background.

Certainly a WOW experience for the end-user.

So if you are demoing CRM online and don’t miss out on this. Believe me it’s this rich end-user experience which would impress the business more.


Hope this helps!