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{Dynamics CRM 2015 Error} – Changing security attributes is not allowed in stage 20 plugins

Recently we upgraded from CRM 2013 SP1 to CRM 2015 version for our customer. We have upgraded to CRM 2015 on the first access (FA) version of 2015 that our customer had from Microsoft.

However after upgrading to CRM 2015 and doing a quick sanity check on the environment, we started getting the following error during creating of certain entities.

“Changing security attributes is not allowed in stage 20 plugins”.

The reason for this error is because in the pre-create of the plugins, we were changing the owner of the records to some teams based on some business logic. Hence we were setting the ownerid field in the pre-create plugin. the code was working fine with 2013 SP1. However it failed in CRM 2015.

Moving this code to post-create and executing the assign request resolved this issue. We have faced this issue with the First Access version. However moving this might be fixed in the RTM version of CRM 2015.

Hope this helps!