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{Dynamics CRM} Are Business Rules created as process records in CRM?

First all, let me give an answer to title of the post. Yes it is! For people who already know this, this is as far as you need to read this post :). However is my day-day project implementations, I come across many technical consultants who are not aware of the underlying implementation of Business Rules. And this post goes to you guys.

As i told, when you create a Business Rule, it basically gets created as a record in the process table in the CRM database. It’s basically a XAML that gets formed and gets rendered as client side script when the form executes. Well they say seeing is believing. So lets look at an example.

I have created a solution named “BusinessRulesTest” where only “account” entity is included and have created a Business Rule for the account. Please check for the screenshot below.


Now i export the solution and extract the solution. Strangely enough there is a Workflows folder although we do not have any workflows in the solution. We just have a business rule.


Now lets look what’s there inside the Workflows folder. There is this XAML file SetAccountNumberRule-DC90F0F8-6E87-E411-80D2-C4346BAC9FD4.xaml. When we open the file in a XML editor of our choice, we can clearly see the conditional code in place.



Hope you found this interesting!