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Workflow Enhancements in CRM 2013 SP1

With CRM 2013 SP1 release, everybody is talking a lot regarding the new service module enhancements like Case Hierarchies, Entitlements, SLA’s to name a few. Along with these fantastic features also came some new improvements in the workflow designer which can help a lot developing workflows. That is the Workflow Conditions where we can now use “AND” and “OR” groups similar to ADVANCED FIND. Just another day when i was talking to some other consultant about this feature, he felt a bit surprised and asked me back – “Dude, how did i miss it?”.

Many of you must already be knowing this, however still sharing in case some one finds it useful.

So let’s see. I created a new workflow on opportunity and say I want to write a check condition step. Prior to SP1 release,as soon i click to configure the check condition step, I can see the below workflow designer.


If you see the above, the two conditions shown here will always be in “AND” group. If you want an OR grouping you would have to write totally new check conditions. Developers working extensively on workflows must have faced this for sure.

However with 2013 SP1 release, you can now group the conditions using AND and OR groups. Check the screenshot below.



Hope this helps!