Common Data Service (Current environment) connector not showing up while creating a PowerAutomate flow? Check this out.

Couple of months back I wrote a blog post on Common data service (Current environment) not showing up while creating a PowerAutomate flow and the reason was that only for flows created through the solution have the connector available.

Here is the link to the post –

However post that I got multiple question on other scenarios related to the same topic and I thought of devoting a separate article for that. So here goes the questions.

Q1. I have a PowerAutomate flow originally created outside a solution. I have now included it in a solution. Will my flow be able to use the Common data service (Current environment) connector?

Answer: No it won’t be able to. The reason is, the connector is only available for flows which were originally created from within a solution. Since here it was created outside and then later included as part of the solution, it won’t be able to use the connector.

Q2. I have PowerAutomate flow created in Solution A in which I didn’t use the CDS current environment connector. I now have solution B in which I have added the flow and now I plan to use the connector. Is this possible?

Answer: Yes, the connector shall now be available because the flow itself was originally created from inside Solution A and not outside of solutions.

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