How to share a Model Driven App with user from PowerApps Maker Portal

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CDS have really brought back the concept of XRM with a bang. With Common Data Service (CDS) and Common Data Model (CDM), consultants and business are developing Model driven apps on the fly as per their requirement.

And with this, came the requirement to frequently share a Model driven app to a user. And Microsoft have made some nice cool enhancements to the way you can share your Model driven and Canvas apps. And you can now do this from PowerApps maker portal which surprisingly many are not aware.

In this blog I am going to focus on the Model Driven App only. For this example, I am going to have a user “Cathan Cook” who does not have any security role in the system and say I want to share the “Sales Hub” app with him.

First thing I do is to navigate to PowerApps maker portal. – From the Apps list, select the Sales Hub app and then click on Share.


Select the Sales Hub and the first thing to observe is is the security role list.



On your left hand side, you can select any security role and the app will be shared to user’s in that security role.

Now you say you want to share it with a user along with the security role. I choose a user who does not have any security role yet.

As you can see, I shared share the Sales Hub APP with the user “Cathan Cook” along with Sales Team Member role.


Once I do this,the user is automatically provided the Sales Team Member role.


Previously we would first need to share the APP with a security role and then assign users to the security role. Now all this can be done at one shot.

Some nice cool improvements out there.

Hope this helps!

Debajit Dutta

(Microsoft MVP)

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