Convert an Array to string in Power Automate/ Microsoft Flow

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Power Automate Compose function is indeed quite powerful and if you have designed a complex flow, chances are you have used it in one of the flow steps.

However there are so many hidden gems in the Compose action itself that sometimes it is difficult to keep track of all the features. And one such feature is the ability to convert a array to string.

For example I am receiving an array of countries in the below format


And I need to convert it to a string separated by comma. Well very simple right? If you are from a programming background, you will think surely there would be something like string.join right?

Well, it’s not exactly string.join but infact there is a JOIN compose operation which does that. So let’s see that in action.



And let’s see the output.


And voila! You have the output separated by comma.

Wonderful isn’t it?

Hope this helps!

Debajit Dutta

(Microsoft MVP)

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