Concatenate properties of a JSON array in Power Automate/ Microsoft Flow

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Lately I have been working on Power Automate a lot. And if you have worked on Power Automate more often than not, you must have used the Compose Action.

And one of the compose Action is “Data Operations – Select”. And in-fact I wrote a detailed article on this few days back.

However post this blog is dedicated for one of my blog reader who requested for this specific functionality. And in-fact we can do this using the same Compose action. After all reader is KING!


Long story short. The requirement is basically this one. The flow is receiving an array of multiple addresses. And inside each address, there are fields like Steet, City, Country and Pin code.

       "Street": "2914 Harry Hines",
       "City": "Dallas",
       "State": "TX",
       "Country": "US",
       "Pin":  75201

What was required was to concatenate the properties and form an address and each of the address properties should be separated by comma. And then add this Address as additional property of the JSON array.

Well quite easy. Let’s see show the flow can do this.

All we need to do use the select data operation and use an expression to contact the properties to form the desired address.


Expression –

concat(item()[‘Street’], ‘,’, item()[‘City’], ‘,’, item()[‘State’], ‘,’, item()[‘Country’], ‘,’, item()[‘Pin’])

Observe we are actually adding an Additional Property to the JSON called Address, which is the comma separated value for all other properties in the JSON array

Now when I run this, below is the output I get.


Awesome isn’t it?

Hope this helps!

Debajit Dutta

(Microsoft MVP)

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