Export Power Automate/ Microsoft flow run history

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Way back when Power Automate was introduced, there was no way to export Flow run history. As surprising it may sound today, there was no way to export the flow run history when flow as introduced.

You may be thinking – “You must be joking man!”. Actually am not. Anyways bygones are bygones.

The good part is the current version of Power Automate have the capability to export Flow run history. To export flow run history, open up a flow and then click on Run History


It will take you to the Run history for the flow.


Now you have the option to export the Flow run as .CSV file.


That will download all the flow runs. The run history download file is a detailed report with all the data related to the run including the input and output for each flow step.


You also have the capability to export data from specific views and export specific data. For example you can export the data only for failed runs to understand why the flow runs failed.


A simple but very handy information to know.

Hope this helps!

Debajit Dutta

(Microsoft MVP)

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