Multiple image data types with option to edit/ annotate the image in Dynamics 365/ CDS/ Model driven apps. New preview feature in Release wave 1 – 2020

With the latest preview release in Model driven apps, you are now able to create multiple fields of image data types. And guess what, you can even annotate your images. You have the option to crop your image, highlight, rotate your image as well. So let’s get started.

Before you go ahead and get started, few things you must remember.

  • The feature is supported only on UCI and not on classic web forms. With the classic web forms being removed in few months from now, it’s quite obvious.
  • This is a preview feature and like all preview features, it’s not meant to be used in your production environment.

For demo, I have created a custom entity called – “Product Entity”.


I have created three fields of Image data type. You can even mark any of them as the primary image.

  • Product View 1
  • Product View 2
  • Product View 3

And I placed them on the form. The image controls only get enabled once the record is saved. The below screenshot shows how it looks in create mode.


Once the record is saved, you can now upload images in the respective fields.


Wonderful, isn’t it? Well it’s not over.

Now let’s upload an image. As you can see from the below screenshot, I have few options like annotating, crop, rotate etc.


Multiple image data types was awaited a long time and I hope we shall see it soon in the general availability release.

Before I sign off, when I tried to upload a file more than 5 MB, i received an error. Seems like it’s a bug. This feature can work with up to 16 MB file in model driven apps.

Hope this info helps!

Debajit Dutta

(Business solutions MVP)

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