All you want to know about “Rollup View“ Entity Relationship behavior in Dynamics 365

You might be wondering this is a pretty old feature and why I am writing this blog now. As I do quite a few trainings I always get lot of questions on relationship behavior. And specially related to Rollup behavior on entity relationship.I am not going to explain in this blog what this feature is and how you can use it. Rather I am going to list most frequently asked questions that I face on this topic.

Q1. What is rollup view relationship behavior?

Answer: Rollup relationship behavior allows activities of the related entity would show up in ‘Activity Associated View’ of the primary entity.

Q2. Can I have Rollup view relationship behavior for custom entities?

Answer: Yes, it is supported for custom entities.

Q3. Rollup view relationship behavior is not getting enabled when I am creating a relationship for the custom entity. What can be the reason?

Answer: There can be multiple reasons why the rollup view relationship behavior is not getting enabled.

  • Rollup view relationship behavior is only enabled when you enabled the Activities for the participating entities in the relationship.
  • It is only enabled  when you are trying the to create a relationship with Account, Opportunity and contact entity
  • Either Account/ Contact/ Opportunity should be the parent entity in the relationship.

Q4. I have a relationship where my custom entity is the parent and Account is the child entity. Will rollup view relationship behavior be enabled?

Answer: This has been answered in Question 3 itself. You can only configure rollup view relationship behavior where Account/ Contact/ opportunity is the parent and your custom entity is the child entity in the relationship. In other words, you cannot rollup account/ contact/ opportunity activities to your custom entity.

Q5. Can I change rollup view behavior anytime post creating the relationship?

Answer: Yes  you can do it anytime. Just edit the relationship and choose the options of “Cascade All” or “Cascade None”.

Hope this helps!

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