Notes (Annotations) not visible in PowerApps portals/ Dynamics 365 Portals. This can help!

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This post is not about configuring Notes section on PowerApps portals. There are few good articles out there already and not to forget, the portal documentation on Microsoft Docs is pretty neat as well.

Well this one is about the question I regularly come across in almost all the sessions I conduct in PowerApps portals. You follow all the steps mentioned in the docs site and finally you could see the notes grid showing up on the Portal entity form which is really great! But your joy is short lived when you realize that the notes existing for the record in CRM does not show up in the portal. You scratch your head and keep going back to the configurations. But trust me it’s not your configuration that’s the issue.


Let’s take an example here.

I have configured notes grid from my account entity in the portal. Below is a screenshot of the same Dynamics 365. As you observe, there are couple of notes in there.


Unfortunately when I come to my portal and browse the same account record, I can’t see the notes.


However I am still able to create the record. If you are not aware of this then you may go nuts on this. But before I reveal the same, lets go ahead and create a note in Portal.


I add a note and now let’s move to Dynamics 365 and see if it appears. It’s a no brainer. After all Dynamics is the storage for the portal.


But wait. Did you observe *WEB* being added to the note? So if we take this assumption, putting in *WEB* at the beginning of note text shall show up the existing note records as well right?


Let’s try. Out of the two note records in CRM, for one I prepend the note text with *WEB* and for the other I don’t.


Now I clear the portal cache and load portal account record again. And voila! I could see the note from Dynamics 365 now showing up.


Simple trick but can save you hours if you are not aware of it.



Hope this helps!

Debajit Dutta

(Dynamics MVP)

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