View emails as conversation in Activity Timeline in Dynamics 365

Release wave 2 have brought with it some nice little features and one of them is the ability to view email conversation threads in activity timeline. So let’s see what this feature is all about.

Suppose a CRM user is having conversation for a customer and emails are going back and forth. There are a series of emails being sent. In between some other emails or activities are being created as well. If we come to the timeline, below is the screenshot of how it looks like. While we have all the conversations in there, the emails are not in sequence


From the above screenshot, as you can see there is an unrelated conversation in the middle of a conversation thread (encircled in green). And in real life cases where conversations are frequent, it’s very easy to loose track of this.

Then how to fix it? Well, with this new release, the user have an option to view email conversations as conversation thread.

Go to Personalization Settings –> Email Tab and check the box – “Show emails as conversation in timeline” as highlighted in the screenshot below.


And once you do that, come back to the timeline and you could see your emails being tracked as conversation. The related conversations are groped together.


Believe me a small setting but certainly puts a smile on customer face.

Hope this helps!

Debajit Dutta

(Dynamics MVP)

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