Part 6 – Embed your Power Apps Custom control on CRM form

The article is a part of series of blog posts on Custom component framework topic. In order to get the context I would suggest to get started from beginning.

In our previous article, we learnt how to build and deploy our custom control to CRM environment. To test it, I will use the account entity.

I will create three fields first in account entity

1. File Control – Single Line of Text

2. File Size: Whole Number

3. File Name: Single Line of Text.

4. Content – Single Line of Text (Format – TextArea)

I will place them on the form. This is what my form look like post above steps.


I will put my control for File Control field. So I double click to edit it. And what a treat! I could see my FileControl right up there. If you remember, while defining the manifest file, I created the type-group for whole number and Single Line of text field. Since FileControl is single line of text, hence my control is showing up.


Again in the manifest, we have put it to bound. So you need to select the bound attribute for each property we defined in manifest file.


Awesome. Isn’t it? Now just save and publish.

Now finally when I see the unified interface, I could see the below


And when I select a file, I can see FileName and FileSize fields getting updated.

Even if you want upload a file more than 1 MB and click on Submit button, the validation fires. A treat to eyes when you see something working.


Hope this helps!

Debajit Dutta

(Business solutions MVP)

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