{Quick tip} Why is my Interactive Dashboard not showing up in Unified Apps.

Well this is very basic to say the least. But still sometimes in our regular day-day work we tend to miss out on one of the small steps and that eats into our precious time. If you already know this, there is no point in continuing with this blog. However if you are stuck in the same problem, may be this helps you out of peril.

A consultant walks up to me and informs that he has created a Single steam Interactive Dashboard but it is not showing in the Customer Service Hub or for that matter any other Unified Apps.


So before I actually walked to his desk, confirmed with few check lists.

  • Published the Dashboard –> Yes
  • Make sure it’s visible to everyone –> Yes
  • Re-opened your customer service hub application in browser? Sometimes cache is an issue –> Yes.

Yes to all basic verifications. No option but to walk up and verify and indeed the Dashboard is not showing up.

And finally the ingenious question which I could only think of – Did you include this Dashboard in your APP? The answer came – NO


So here it is guys, unlike class Web interface, to make a dashboard appear in Unified interface, you need to add it to the Dashboard’s list of your APP. A unified APP is basically shown with the components you pick and choose.

  • Open your solution
  • In Model driven apps, add the APPS where your want to show the Dashboard.
  • Open the APP and in the Dashboards area, select your Dashboard from the Interactive Dashbaords section. Please note the procedure for classic dashboards is same.

And voila! you are done.

Hope this helps!

Debajit Dutta

(Dynamics MVP)

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