Allow single record in To recipients field of an Email in Dynamics 365/ CDS

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Nothing like real time requirements and here is another one. Customer walks in and puts in his requirement – “Users should not be able to select more than one record in the To field of CRM”. We suggested that while sending the email, we would put a validation which would stop the user from sending the email if more than one record is there. Well as everybody knows, more often than not, customer has his way and then we were back to the drawing boards trying to figure out how to do it.

For starters, To field in Dynamics allows you to select more than one record of multiple entity types which is obvious isn’t it. Below is the UI which allows you to do that.


Fortunately we found out a way. This is what we did.

  • Created a solution. Added Email entity and the To field to it.
  • Exported the solution
  • Unzipped the solution and opened up customizations.xml file in a XML editor.
  • Navigated to the area where To attribute is there in the XML file.


  • Added the below in the XML file just above <displaynames> tag.


  • Re-zipped the files. Imported the solution back and Publish all customizations.
  • And now when you click the To field, this is what you get.


Mission accomplished!

Hope this helps.

Debajit Dutta

(Dynamics MVP)

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