{Dynamics 365 Quick Tip} Hiding Navigation Pane in forms exposed on Mobile (including Owner relationship)

Dynamics have evolved over the years and with time it has become a really vast tool. So many features are in there that we may not have used till now in all our projects. They are there though, sitting quietly and can do some pretty cool stuffs. But you remember them when you need them the most. Once such scenario, I am going to describe here.

So here I was working for a customer who wants to expose their CRM on mobile. We created separate forms for mobile, light-weight than the web versions and exposed them on mobile. However with the mobile real-estate being really less, customer wanted the navigation options to be hidden.

So it started, developers removed all the links in the navigation pane using form editor. And published the form.

Wouldn’t it be perfect. It should just work right. Sadly no. You may end up removing all but the nagging owner relationship (for user owned entities). And in mobile, it would just occupy the first tab.


Well, it won’t go, no matter how much hard you try, until you go to the Form Properties –> Display Tab –> Uncheck “Show Navigation”


Save and publish the form. And voila, it just works!

Hope this helps


Debajit Dutta (Dynamics MVP)

For training/ consulting please write to info@xmrforyou.com or visit us at www.xrmforyou.com

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