Error while configuring Field Security – The user does not have read permissions to a secured field.

Dynamics CRM never ceases to throw surprises to me and this even applies to the functionalities which were introduced way back in CRM 2011.

Recently in a session I was demoing field security and strangely one participant informed me that he is getting the below error while setting the field security profile for a user.


Cross checked whether he enabled field security for the field. And it was obvious he was doing with admin login. And strangely enough the error says “the user does have read permissions to the secured field”. Downloaded the error log but that didn’t help much as well.



This put me in a situation. Don’t know where to look into.

Suddenly I just published the entity again in frustration and after that when I tried, the error was gone. As it turned if you don’t publish the entity after enabling field security for a field and try to configure profile for the field, you get this error.

Publish is obvious but this kind of error message can throw you completely in a wrong direction.

Hope this tip may save you from some time and awkward moments.


-Debajit Dutta (Dynamics MVP)

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