{Dynamics CRM Rollup field} A UI based utility to pick and choose and update all the roll-up fields for your entity on-demand

Could not explain much about this utility with the title, so let me detail out the requirements here. Roll-up fields are great and here I am not going to talk about how it works and all. And after all it’s old enough topic I guess by now.

So what made to create this utility for such hackneyed topic. Well the requirement goes like this.

My customer had multiple roll-up fields on the account entity and they were scattered throughout the form across multiple tabs and sections to comply with their business. As good as roll-up fields are, they are updated every hour. However to calculate the roll-up fields on-demand you would need to click the refresh icon for each field.

We could have asked the users to do just like that. However there were couple of problems to it.

  • Some of the roll-up Fields were in the views but not on the forms. So even if the user wanted to manually update it, could not be done
  • The roll-up fields were scattered throughout the form across multiple tabs and sections as I mentioned earlier. So if a user needed to update a rollup field on-demand, he/she would literally need to find them across the form and click on refresh. Not a great idea everyone would agree.


So the customer walked up to me and asked. Can we have something which will allow me to pick and choose the roll-up fields for the entity even if not on the form and then allow me to update those fields on demand. And also he wanted something which could be easily moved across the environments and does not need a developer to maintain it.

Well, I thought for sometime and came out with a managed solution. All you need to do in install the managed solution in your environment.

The solutions are available for download at the following codeplex link – https://rollupfieldcalculator.codeplex.com/releases/view/631015


Once you install the managed solution in your environment, open any entity and you should see a button called ‘Calculate Roll-up Fields’


Once you click the button, a window will pop-up with all the roll-up fields for the entity.



As you can see from the above screenshot, the pop-up shows the ‘RollupField Email’ which rolls up the count of emails related to the account. The other two fields ‘Open Deals’ and ‘Open Revenue‘ which are not present on the form but still showing up.


You can pick and choose the fields that you want to Update and then click on the ‘Update’ button.


Once clicked, it will calculate all the roll-up fields that you have selected for update and then will refresh the form so that new values becomes visible to you.

Currently there are five emails associated with the account. Hence after I click on update the form refreshes and shows me the value “5” in the field.


Just a solution import and all you need is pick and choose your fields. No code, no customizations.

Hope you liked this tool.


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