{Dynamics CRM + Sharepoint Metadata Integration}–SharePoint Metadata Manager & Attachment Extractor. What’s new?

First of all, I can thank more to the Linked In community for the overwhelming response on our SharePoint Attachment Extractor and metadata manager tool. Your feedbacks, your comments and your patronage keeps us motivated to continuously excel and do better.

In case, you are not aware of the tool, this quick video on the link would help you get started.


You can follow this blog link as well which explains in detail the functionalities of the tool


Based on the feedbacks of many who have tried our tool and our customers, we have implemented multiple changes to the tool related to performance enhancements and adding new functionalities to aid you.

For trial and pricing, please reach out info@xrmforyou.com

1. Performance Enhancements

We are happy to let you all know that we have made some significant changes in the underlying framework to increase the performance. Many were facing performance issues while trying out our tool in the online trial environments specially in the EMEA and APAC regions as the online trials were performing reasonably slow in these environments.

We cannot do much for the online trials :). Hence we decided to work on the performance of our tool. You would find visible performance difference in the retrieve, upload, delete and even in the metadata management sections.

We would be sending out the new trials to all who queried for it and the updated licensed version to all our existing customers.


2. Support for SharePoint Document Locations

Our prior version just relied on the Document Management to be enabled between CRM & SharePoint. Once it was enabled, it would work independently. Meaning OOB CRM – SharePoint integration creates a SharePoint Document Location object for each record for which a document is uploaded.

However our previous version did not rely on this and it would communicate directly to SharePoint. Hence documents uploaded using our tool was not visible in the OOB upload section. This was a requirement for many. Hence we have included support for SharePoint document locations. This means documents uploaded from our tool and OOB Documents area would be visible through each of the areas.

Documents Uploaded through our tool



From OOB CRM Documents area



3. Drag & Drop

What’s a modern app without the feature to drag & drop. And that’s why we have enabled the drag and drop feature on our tool as well. All you need to do is drag an drop the files from your desktop to our control on the form and they will be uploaded for you.

P.S – Drag & Drop feature is currently only in the licensed version. However we are planning to bring that to trial very soon


4. On-Premise support.

Why leave out the old horse? In the days when Online is talked so much, we do care about our on-premise customers. Our tool now supports On-premise environments as well.


And finally a big announcement to make. We are going to come with just the attachment extractor to move your attachments from any entity in CRM to SharePoint. This tool maintains all its functionalities but we are separating out just the attachment extraction part of it and bundle it into a separate tool with lot of configurable options for you.

Stay tuned.

For trial and pricing, please reach out to info@xrmforyou.com.

Visit our products page http://www.xrmforyou.com/products-1.html

-Debajit Dutta

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