{Dynamics CRM/ 365 + Clone/Copy} Clone/ Copy your records and relationships in one click–Record cloner for Dynamics

I am delighted to introduce to you our new tool from XrmForYou.com. The tool allows you to configure and clone records in Dynamics with just a few clicks. Apart from the main record you can clone associated relationships as well (1:N) and (N:N). No customizations needed set up cloning. All in few clicks.

So let’s jump into action here.

To see live how it works, you can view the video at our products page – http://www.xrmforyou.com/products.html

For trial, please drop a note at – info@xrmforyou.com

So let me give you a quick overview of how it works. The tool comes in the form of managed solution and once you install it, please navigate to Settings and under settings you should see the section – Manage Clone Configurations. Please note that the Manage Clone Configurations link would be visible only to system administrators.



Once you click on the link, the configuration page shows up.


You select an Entity where you want to enable cloning. Once you do that, all the customizable attributes, 1:N Relationships and N:N Relationships. Quick snapshots below.





Let me quickly explain each section here. First is the Entity Settings.


You have the following options here.

  • Dynamically enable/ disable cloning for the selected entity
  • Dynamically change the label of the clone button
  • Options to show where the clone button would be visible – Form/ Home Page grid.

And all this with single click of the Save button. No customizations required.

The next is the Field Settings Section.

Here you can choose the fields you want to get cloned. Please note that if you do choose which fields to clone specifically, all the attributes which are customizable, would be cloned during the cloning process.


And yes, you can clone all types of fields here including lookups and the newly added customer type fields as well.

The next section is the Relationships which is self explanatory. Nothing to explain much here. You just pick and choose the relationships you want to clone.


Ok. So far so good with the configurations.

Now coming to actual functionality. If you remember, I have enabled the cloning feature both from the HomePageGrid as well as the form.

You select an Account in the HomePageGrid, the clone button becomes visible.


The same clone button is available on the Form as well.

Now coming to the clone functionality, the moment you click on ‘Clone’, you will be presented with a pop-up like below.


The pop-up gives you two options –

  • Option to clone relationships or not.
  • The number of cloned records you would like to create. Currently the hard-limit is 5 I,e you can create up to 5 cloned records in a single clone operation.

If you put Clone Record Count = 1, the system will clone depending on the clone configurations for the entity  and then will throw up the newly cloned record.

However if you put Clone Record Count > 1, you would get a message like the one below.


As the message suggests, the cloning operation has been queued.

To check the status of cloning, navigate to Settings –> Clone Operation Status


You can see the status of the operation here.


If the “Operation Status” = Success, the clone operation has been completed successfully. In case of any error, the Operation Status would be updated to Error and the Error Message would show up in the Error Message column’’.

Last but not the least, there is a security role that comes as part of the tool named – XrmForYou-Cloner. Please make sure that you provide this security to all users who would be using the clone feature.


Lastly, the cloning works with absolute approach. For e.g – If you choose Notes of account to be cloned, the cloned record will have all the notes for that account along with the document content if any. And this holds true for all relationships.

Hope you find this new tool exciting. The tool is supported on Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premise as well) and CRM 2015 (on-premise).

For trial please drop a note to info@xrmforyou.com



(Visit our products page http://www.xrmforyou.com/products.html)

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