{Dynamics 365 New Features} Explore the new OOB Actions available with Dynamics 365

Some more research and yet another blog post to highlight another excellent feature of Dynamics 365. I have been extoling Dynamics 365 and I am tired as the more I explore, the more I get amazed by it. So without wasting much time, let me straight get to the point here.

With Dynamics 365, a whole new set of actions has been provided to you OOB. As per MSDN documentation, the following are the new set of actions available with this release.

  • Add (Case) to Queue
  • Add user to Record Team
  • Apply Routing Rule (to Case)
  • Calculate Actual Value (of Opportunity)
  • Close Opportunity
  • Get Quote Products from Opportunity
  • Get Sales Order Products from Opportunity
  • Lock Invoice Pricing
  • Lock Sales Order Pricing
  • Qualify Lead
  • Remove User from Record Team
  • Resolve Incident
  • Resolve Quote
  • Revise Quote
  • Unlock Invoice Pricing
  • Unlock Sales Order Pricing

I know your hands might be itching now already to try all these out. But reading never hurts Winking smile

I will not go through all the actions mentioned in the list. Rather let us explore some of the common.


Add user to Record Team

This is the first action that came to my notice. And let’s explore this.

I create a workflow with Entity = “Opportunity” and made it on-demand.



The next step is to call the OOB Action. For this, I just select ‘Perform Action’ step and select the ‘Add user to Record Team’ action from the list of available actions.



Click on Set Properties and populate the input parameters of this action



In the above step, I add the created by user to the Opportunity Team of the opportunity on which the workflow is currently running. I activate the workflow and then move to an opportunity record.

I have inserted the Access Team grid in the Opportunity form as ‘Opportunity team’ and currently as you can see in the screenshot below, there are no records in this grid.



Now I select the Workflow and run it. And voila, the opportunity created by is added to the grid.




Qualify Lead

Nothing special here. As usual, you select the ‘Qualify Lead’ Action then set the appropriate input parameters.

Depending on this choices you select in the Input parameter, the lead is Qualified. You can go for static values for dynamic values for the input parameters just like with any other workflows.



I leave up to you to get dirty with the remaining Actions.

Stay tuned for more exciting features on Dynamics 365.


Debajit Dutta

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2 thoughts on “{Dynamics 365 New Features} Explore the new OOB Actions available with Dynamics 365

  1. I was trying to use the “Add User to Record Team” with the Account Entity. However, after creating the Account Team Access Template and adding the Team Access subgrid to the Account form, I cannot select the Account (or any Account) in the workflow action properties. It only allows me to add Opportunities. I made sure I selected the Account Access Template. Any thoughts or is this strictly for the Opportunities?


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