{Dynamics 365/ CRM + Role Based Views}–New and Improved version of Role Based Views Configurator for Dynamics CRM

It’s been some time that I could devote time to my blog and that’s because myself and my entire team was in neck deep work revamping the Role Based View configurator in Dynamics CRM.

It gives me great pleasure to release the latest version of Role Based Views. The latest version is a completely revamped version of the earlier one available in Codeplex – https://rolebasedviews.codeplex.com which includes

  • Complete management from within Microsoft Dynamics Application. No need to separately launch a windows application and connect to your environment to configure Role Based Views.
  • Improved UI with features like Searching, sorting, paging and cloning for both the Role configurations and user configurations.
  • Host of new features incorporated like
    • Ability to disable configuration at the organization as well as individual user level
    • Ability to Include/ exclude team roles dynamically for view configuration
    • Ability to show/ hide views of entity as cumulative or intersection of the configurations.
  • Works for Multi-language scenarios.
  • Comes with utility to migrate your configurations across environment.

For detailed documentation and view the tool in action, check out the documentation and the video link at – http://www.xrmforyou.com/products.html

Want a quick demo/ looking for trail/ pricing information – write to – info@xrmforyou.com. Our highly experienced team would get back to you with the details.

We would greatly love your feedback and try to incorporate in the next version of the tool.

Screenshots from the tool to get started.




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