{Utility}–Access team template migrator for Microsoft Dynamics

Access Teams! Great feature that came with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 version. However after repeated implementations, despite the benefits that access templates provide, one common complain that I have heard

“Why are access teams not solution aware?”

Well lets get a bit deeper here. It’s not the access teams which is loosely mentioned in the above question, that is our problem. It is the access team template and the access team grid configurations on the entity forms which needs to be repeated across environments. And if you have more than a few of them to handle, it can become annoying.

Well, in case you are in the same boat as me, the following utility might come as a sight of relief to you. I have uploaded it in codeplex and it’s free to use.


Please read the detailed documentation on how to use this tool to your advantage – https://accessteamsmigrator.codeplex.com/documentation

This is a beta version. So in case you have any issues with this tool, please drop an email to debajit.prod@gmail.com and I will get back you.

Hope this helps!



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