Role Based Views in Dynamics CRM – New version released

Hi All,

Finally got some time around to work on the bug fixes in the my codeplex tool ‘Role Based Views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM’. The new version has been uploaded in codeplex site-

Thanks everyone for the huge downloads and making the tool so popular.

What’s fixed in this version

  • Error in the tool for users without security roles
  • Intermittent error in the lookup view of the entities configured for role based views
  • Compatibility with CRM 2015 online update 1


Please visit the link and go to ‘Downloads’ section and download the release – Role Based Views – CRM 2015 Version.  Please download both the managed solution as well as the executable as using the new version of the managed solution with the old executable would give an error.

New to the tool? Please check for the Documentations tab at to learn how to use this tool for your need.


P.S – This version involves some schema changes in the configuration entities used by the tool and installing the latest version on top of the previous versions might not work properly. So if you are already using a version of this tool its best to uninstall the old version and install the new one.

However if there are lot of configurations that you have done already and do not want to loosed the data by uninstalling the solution, here are steps you need to follow. You should be logged in as administrator to perform the below steps.

  • Login to Advanced Find and look for the entity – ‘Role View Configuration’ and select the Active View.


  • Once you view the results, couple of changes you need to make.
    • In the column hidden views, you would find the value set as “<View 1> @<View 2>”. You would need to replace the name of the views with their GUIDs like ‘<View Guid 1>@<View Guid 2>
    • A new field called ‘View Id’ (schema name – rb_viewid) has been introduced in the entity. If you have the ‘View Name’ field populated for a row, you need to fill the ‘View Id’ field with the GUID of the ‘View Name’ field value.



Reach out to me at for any issues.


Hope this helps!

7 thoughts on “Role Based Views in Dynamics CRM – New version released”

      1. Hi Subh,
        Please drop a note to with all your queries. They will reply to you in detail.

        One more info – You need to drop a query to them from your official email/ or customer email if you are working as freelancer. They will not respond to emails from personal email providers.


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