Dynamics Record URL does not contain Organization Name in CRM 2013 SP1 – Will be fixed in UR2 of 2013 SP1

My client is on Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1 UR1 and they are facing this problem for their multi-org on-premise deployment. They have a pretty simple workflow on the account entity where they are sending an e-mail and in the e-mail body they are inserting a hyperlink to the account record.

The problem is that when the user is clicking the record URL in the e-mail, since it does not contain the Organization name, it is redirecting to the default organization. Since that organization does not have the record existing, it is giving an error to the end-user.

The issue would be addressed by Microsoft in the Update Rollup 2 of SP1. This can be found in the Fixed Issue section of the download page for the update rollup.


Hope this helps!


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I am a Dynamics CRM Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with 10 years of experience in Microsoft .NET Technologies and 7 years of dedicated experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I have worked with companies like Microsoft, SanDisk, PwC, TMF Group and have extensive experience of implementing complex CRM solutions from both offshore and client side. Currently the face of with significant experience in delivering corporate training on Dynamics CRM and have already delivered multiple projects to client through Author of multiple tools on codeplex including the 'Role Based Views' and 'CRM-Sharepoint Metadata manager & Attachment Extractor' which are available for commercial use under For consulting/ training, drop me a note at or visit our website

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