Configure Quick create form to launch directly from sub-grid when New button click instead of the lookup view – CRM 2013

While delivering trainings in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, frequently  i keep getting the question – “When Quick create has been enabled for an entity and when the ‘+’ sign of the entity sub-grid is clicked, sometimes CRM throws a lookup and sometimes it opens directly the Quick Create form”. What causes this behavior?

The answer is simple. If we remember the CRM 2011 sub-grid feature, there used to be command buttons for ‘Add New’ & ‘Add Existing’ which has been replaced with the single ‘+’ button in the sub-grid. So by default when you click the ‘+’ icon, CRM would show you a lookup with list of 10 maximum existing records and + icon at the bottom of it to add the new record. Please check the screenshot below. As soon we click the New Button the Quick create form would be launched.



Is there is any way we can launch the quick create directly and avoid this double click to launch the quick create form? Yes there is and it can be achieved in two ways

  1. Make the lookup of the parent as “Business Required” in the child form. Here the lookup for the account in the custom entity has to be made mandatory. Now when the “+” button is clicked in the sub-grid of the Custom entity the Quick create form would launch directly.
  2. Another way to launch the Quick Create directly is to remove the ‘Add Existing’ from the sub-grid menu using the Ribbon Workbench tool.

Off-course both these ways has disadvantages and might not suit your business requirements. For e.g –  making the parent lookup field mandatory would necessarily mean that there cannot be any orphan child entity. In case you have business justifications to implement any of the above two, you can go ahead with anyone of the above to give a better experience to the end-users.

Hope this helps!

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