Get PrivUserGroup specific to your CRM Organization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Hi, recently in my project, I had a requirement to enable Data encryption feature that is new to CRM 2013. While enabling and proving the key, we got an error – “The user account for enabling Data Encryption should be a member of the PrivUserGroup in active directory.

We had to contact our AD support team and they asked for the PrivUserGroup specific to our organization. How would you actually know what. Well there is way.

Open  SQL and in your organization database, execute the following query

select ReportingGroupName, SqlAccessGroupName, PrivReportingGroupName from Organization

Thinking where is the privusergroup in this query? No worries. In the result you would find in the name of each of the above queried Groups a GUID which is same for all the three groups. For example:for the privreportinggroup the value would be similiar to the format below.

<Your domain name>\ReportingGroup {d367569e-489f-46ea-b427-eaab03087d7d}

So all we needed is to provide the GUID – {d367569e-489f-46ea-b427-eaab03087d7d} for the privusergroup to the AD Team and they were able to help us out.


Hope this helps!

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