Logging in EventViewer in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The tool is available for download at the codeplex site: https://enterpriselogger.codeplex.com/.

The entire documentation of the tool and how to use it can be found in the documentation tab in the codeplex site. In case you want to keep reading this blog, I suggest you go back to the link: https://debajmecrm.com/2014/06/26/enterprise-logger-for-microsoft-dynamics-crm/ and gather an idea about the tool and what it does.

Now we would see how the same can be configured to log in the Event Viewer.

All you need is to come back to the solution configuration page and this time select the option “Event Viewer”.


As you can see, you have to specify the “Event Source” as well the “Event Id”. Please note that the Event Source specified, if not found, the logger would try to create the source. If the user under whose context, the logging method is called, does not have that permission, it would fail. I would suggest you create an event source with the same name prior to logging.

Once we save the configuration, we now again try to create the account. If you are continuing from the previous article, please note that I have enabled back the pre-account step of the plugin for logging. Once the create operation is completed, we open the event viewer and check. Following is the screenshot of what we have in the event viewer.


Voila!. We have changed the logging mechanism for the entire solution from file based to event viewer based without changing a single line of code. Isn’t that great and I am pretty sure this would save a lot of your time.

To learn how to configure logging in a custom database of your choice, please refer to the link – https://debajmecrm.com/2014/06/26/logging-in-custom-database-with-enterprise-crm-logger/


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