{Dynamics CRM Scripting} Exploring the Xrm.Internal namespace in CRM 2013

Recently i cam across this library in CRM 2013. And I found a lot of helpful methods which could facilitate you during your development. Please check for the screenshot below which shows some of  the methods.

screen 40

Notable are:

1. Xrm.Internal.getEntityName(<entitytypecode>) – you pass in the entitytypecode and get the logical name for the entity

2. Xrm.Internal.getEntityCode(“<logicalname>”) – you pass in the entity logical name and get the objecttypecode. This is very useful where you can need the entitytypecode in the form

Check for the screenshot below to see the usage of the above two methods

screen 41

Besides these other utility methods are:

3. Xrm.Internal.openDialog – this you can use to show a modal dialog in a similar manner in which CRM 2013 shows the modal dialogs.

4. Xrm.Internal.openErrorDialog – this you can use to show an error dialog like CRM 2013.

Check out the following link to see how to use the above methods to suit your needs.


Please note that is a not a documented library for end users and hence any changes to library by microsoft in the future would render you code unusable.

Hope this helps!


7 thoughts on “{Dynamics CRM Scripting} Exploring the Xrm.Internal namespace in CRM 2013”

  1. Hi Debajit,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. But what I learnt from MS article is that XRM.Internal namespace is not supported.

    “The client object model contains the Xrm.Internal namespace. Use of the objects within this namespace are not supported. These objects, and any parts of the HTML Document Object Model (DOM), are subject to change without notice. We recommend that you do not use these functions or any script that depends on the DOM.”


    I believe it is not safe to implement this in real time projects until MS confirms that there won’t be a change in this namespace.


    1. Hi Pradeepm,
      Yes you are right. And hence at the bottom of the blog i have already mentioned that this is not a documented library and any change in the future by microsoft would render the code unusable

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